United Way of Rhode Island 211

United Way’s 211 is a free and confidential resource. Consumers can find assistance with a variety of needs, from benefits, food, and childcare to gambling addiction, cyber security, and health insurance. Give them a call or visit their walk-in center. 

Telephone: 2-1-1   Website:


RI Parity Initiative

Our Rhode Island Parity Initiative educates consumers and providers about their rights to mental healthcare treatment. We work with the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner, insurers, community based organizations, providers, and consumers to ensure that mental health parity laws are followed.  Learn more. 


Rhode Island Office of Health Insurance Commissioner

A primary mandate for Rhode Island’s Office of Health Insurance Commissioner (OHIC) is to help consumers understand the healthcare system, and to protect Rhode Island consumers by making sure federal and state laws are followed. OHIC accepts complaints about all types of health insurance.



Rhode Island Health Insurance Consumer Hotline

Housed at RI Parent Information Network, the bi-lingual helpline provides assistance with insurance questions and appeals. Open to all Rhode Islanders regardless of insurance coverage. 

Website:   Hotline: 401-270-0101


Kennedy Forum Parity Registry

The Kennedy Forum is a national nonprofit organization founded by Representative Patrick Kennedy and dedicated to increasing access to treatment for mental health, eating disorders, and addiction. If insurance has denied your claim, visit their website to log your denial in their national Parity Registry.  They anonymize data and use them for national advocacy on Capitol Hill.




If you are an immigrant, visit the Economic Progress Institute or click here to find out which types of health insurance you are eligible to receive and where to find free healthcare if you are uninsured. 


Office of the Mental Health Advocate

The Office of the Mental Health Advocate is an independent state agency staffed by attorneys who provide an array of free legal, investigative, and advocacy services related to treatment, incarceration, housing, employment, and many other legal issues affecting those with mental illness, including substance use disorders. 

Tel: 401-462-2003


Disability Rights RI

Disability Rights RI (DRRI) is an independent nonprofit law office that is designated as Rhode Island’s federal Protection and Advocacy System.  They are part of a national network created by Congress to help secure and advance the rights of people with disabilities.



Advanced Psychiatric Directives

An advance directive is a written document that expresses your wishes in advance about what types of treatments, services and other assistance you want during a personal mental health crisis. A directive provides a clear statement of your medical treatment preferences and other wishes or instructions. You can also use it to grant legal decision-making authority to another person to be your advocate and agent until the crisis is over. Learn more


RI Open Beds



BH Link

BH Link is a behavioral health facility designed to provide immediate assistance to a person in crisis by providing innovative crisis intervention services. BH Link also provides referrals to outpatient treatment and services. 

Website:    Tel: 401-414-LINK


NAMI Rhode Island

NAMI Rhode Island is a nonprofit organization providing education, support and advocacy services to peers, family members, schools and the community, statewide and free of charge.


Tel: 401-331-3060


Oasis Wellness and Recovery Centers

Oasis Recovery and Wellness Center provides a wide range of daily peer support activities and trainings to promote recovery from mental illness and to allow members to embrace fulfilling paid or volunteer work in the community.  Phone: (401) 831-6937   Email:


Anchor Recovery Community Center

Address: 890 Centerville Rd., Warwick, RI

Phone: 401-615-9945




Community Care Alliance

Address: PO Box 1700, Woonsocket RI 02895

Main Phone: 401-235-7000 (Main)

Emergency Phone: 401-235-7120 (Emergency)


Licensed Community Mental Health Centers / Case Management Services

For a complete list of centers, locations, and hours, click here


Primary Care / Sliding Scale Clinics / Dental Care

Many of the Rhode Island Health Center Association’s clinics offer primary care, behavioral health services, and dental care. Click here


Interfaith Counseling Center

The ICC provides accessible and affordable mental health counseling and support to all in need.  We connect clients with appropriate resources to support their health and well-being and work with all people regardless of financial means, status, or insurance.  We work to remove all barriers to care and see clients on a sliding scale or through grant funded programs.


Phone: 401-461-5234


Man Therapy Washington County

Man Therapy is a public health campaign that is targeted at working-aged men to shrink stigma surrounding mental health and suicide. It is a free online resource.



Ocean State Center for Independent Living

Works to improve the life experience for people with disability by promoting self-direction and integration into the community, and provides a wide range of independent living services to help individuals meet these goals. 


List of Local BIPOC Mental Health Professionals

For more information, click here


National BIPOC Mental Health Resources

For more information, click here


REVIVE Therapeutics

845 North Main Street
Providence RI 02904
PH: 401-648-7172
FAX: 401-648-0161
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm/ Saturday: 9:00am – 2:00pm (Low wait time for appointments)


The Day Hospital at Women & Infants Hospital

The Day Hospital is the nation’s first perinatal partial hospital program treating pregnant women and new mothers with depression, anxiety or other emotional distress, with their babies in a warm, nurturing setting. For more information, click here


Postpartum Support International



ACES Too High

This news site reports on research about adverse childhood experiences (ACES), including developments in epidemiology, neurobiology, and the biomedical and epigenetic consequences of toxic stress. Website:


The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk, MD

This book explains how chronic childhood abuse and neglect change the body and brain. The last section of the book discusses the most effective treatments for PTSD.



NeedyMeds is a national nonprofit that maintains a free directory of programs that help people who can’t afford medications and other healthcare costs. Click on the “Patient Savings” tab to find prescription assistance programs, a drug discount card, savings on durable medical equipment, and coupons.


LGBTQ+ People and Substance Abuse Statistics and Resources



Thundermist Health Services

Has programs specifically for LGBQT individuals.  



Sage Rhode Island

Provides advocacy and services for LGBQT elders.



TGI Network

The only statewide organization providing support and advocacy for the Transgender, Gender Diverse and Intersex community in Rhode Island and surrounding areas.



RI Pride

RI Pride creates opportunities for integrating and promoting visibility for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Website:


RI Coalition For The Homeless

Provides legal advocacy, access to shelters, training and outreach services. 



Spirit of Hope RI

Partner with community organizations that help the homeless, the hungry, and the sick. They distribute Rescue Kits to the homeless and advocate for individuals who struggle with mental illness.




Day One Sexual Assault Support

Day One provides treatment, intervention, education, advocacy, and prevention services for sexual abuse and violence. Website:  Tel: 800-494-8100


RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The Coalition’s network of partner agencies provides a wide array of services for victims, including emergency shelter, support groups, counseling services, and assistance with the legal system. For more information about these organizations and services, call the statewide Helpline at 800-494-8100. Website:


Crime Victim Compensation Fund

This fund supports victims of crime, including domestic violence, with expenses like moving expenses, medical and counseling expenses, and more.


One Love Foundation

One Love educates young people about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. They empower the next generation to love better and put a stop to relationship abuse.



RI Elder Info

A resource guide for seniors and their caregivers.  Website:


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Tel: 800-273-8255

Additional Resources:


NotOK App for smartphones

The NotOkay App gives you the ability to get immediate support from your friends, family, or peer network. Website:


Governor’s Council on Behavioral Health

The Rhode Island Governor’s Council on Behavioral Health is the State’s behavioral health planning council. It was established by both federal and State law to review and evaluate the needs and problems associated with Rhode Island’s services for individuals with mental health and substance use disorders. Click here to learn more.


Health Insurance Advisory Council (HIAC)

The Health Insurance Advisory Council exists to present to the Health Insurance Commissioner concerns of consumers, businesses and medical providers affected by health insurance decisions. Click here to learn more.


Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island

Provides assistance with immigration and citizenship, translation and interpretation, education, and much more.


Refugee Dream Center

Fills gaps for refugees who no longer receive federally funded assistance.


Economic Progress Institute

If you are an immigrant, visit the Economic Progress Institute or click here to find out which types of health insurance you are eligible to receive and where to find free healthcare if you are uninsured. 


Interfaith Counseling Center

The ICC provides accessible and affordable mental health counseling and support to all in need.  We connect clients with appropriate resources to support their health and well-being and work with all people regardless of financial means, status, or insurance.  We work to remove all barriers to care and see clients on a sliding scale or through grant funded programs.


Phone: 401-461-5234


Operation Stand Down RI

Provides pro bono legal assistance for misdemeanor offenses, landlord tenant disputes, VA disability benefits, and traffic court. Assists with VA disability appeals and Social Security disability matters. 



Project Weber/RENEW

Provides naloxone kit and fentanyl test strip distribution and education about overdose risks, referrals and transportation to detox and treatment, needle exchange, groups for those in early recovery or contemplating recovery, recovery coaching and case management, HIV and Hep C testing and linkage to care, education and linkage to care for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV Prevention.



CODAC Behavioral Healthcare

Provides opioid and other addiction treatment, mental health services, tobacco cessation treatment, alternative and complementary pain solutions (including acupuncture and therapeutic massage), music/drama/and art therapy, specialized services for pregnant women, and more. 


Ayuda En Español

BHLink    Tel: 401-414-LINK

KidsLink:  1-855-543-5465

Línea directa de suicidio: llama al número 1-888-628-9454 — Lifeline ofrece 24/7, gratuito servicios en español, no es necesario hablar ingles si usted necesita ayuda.

Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance (AMOR) – Linea de Apoyo 401-675-1414. Una coalición dirigida por las comunidades afectadas y organizaciones guiadas por gente de color. Somos una Red de Defensa Rápida que se llama AMOR– Alianza para Movilizar Nuestra Resistencia.

The Providence Center Emergency Services Line: 401-274-7111

211 @ United Way (for referrals):  Call 211or visit

Thundermist Health Center. Tres sitios que ofrecen salud conductual integrada. Opciones de escala deslizante y puede ver pacientes que no están/suprimiendo. Médicos de habla hispana y portuguesa. Para obtener servicios de salud conductual, las personas primero deben ser un paciente médico de Thundermist. Tel: (401) 767-4100  Web:

Clinica Esperanza (Vida Pura program) – Atención a inmigrantes hispanos no asegurados que experimentan bajos ingresos que tienen necesidades de comportamiento insatisfechas. Website:  Tel:  (401) 347-9093

Parent Support Network — Grupos de apoyo para padres y reuniones de recuperación, incluyendo en español: Para horario:

Hope Health:  Grupos de apoyo al duelo, incluso en español. Para horario: Tel: (888) 528-9077 o vaya a :

PARA AYUDA DE SEGURO!  Llame al seguro médico de RI Línea de Ayuda al Consumidor en RIPIN: 401-270-0101