2019 Mental Health Parity in Rhode Island –Experiences Of Patients And Professionals

Experiences Of Patients And Professionals

The Mental Health Association of Rhode Island is pleased to share its 2019 Parity Initiative Report, Mental Health Parity in Rhode Island: Experiences of patients and professionals…

Milliman Report 2019 - Non-Quantitative Treatment Limitations

Non-Quantitative Treatment Limitations Guidelines

The final rules of the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) contain detailed requirements for health insurance…

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island - OHIC Examination Report

OHIC Examination Report

In accordance with your instructions and pursuant to statutes of the State of Rhode Island, a targeted Market Conduct Examination was conducted in order to ascertain compliance with applicable statutes and …

Milliman Research Report - NQTL Disparity Analysis - 2017

NQTL Disparity Analysis - 2017

As state and federal regulators increase their focus on enforcement of mental health and addiction parity laws, nonquantitative treatment limitations…

RI Student Survey 2019

RI Student Survey 2019

Describe prevalence of school bullying victimization (12 month) and cyber bullying behaviors (3 month). Investigate factors associated with school bullying victimization (12 month)…

State of Mental Health in America 2020

Mental Health America

Mental Health America (MHA) was founded in 1909 and is the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to helping…