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Mental Health Parity in Rhode Island

Today, the Mental Health Association of Rhode Island (MHARI) will present a report to members of the Governor’s Council on Behavioral Healthcare that highlights findings and recommendations from research conducted as a part of their RI Parity Initiative (RIPI).


Mental Health Stigma

Laurie Marie Pisciotta with the Mental Health Association of Rhode Island joined GoLocalProv News Editor Kate Nagle on LIVE, to talk about their report issued this week that shows that mental health stigma - and discrimination - are still prevalent in Rhode Island.


Mental Health and the Coronavirus

I’ve been worried my whole life. The anxiety never goes away. It always feels as though something terrible is about to happen. This goes back to my childhood, which was profuse with chaos and uncertainty. Now imagine how COVID-19 is affecting people like me.

Barriers To Treatment

Study calls for better access to mental health services

Many barriers are preventing Rhode Islanders, including refugees and non-English speakers, from receiving the behavioral healthcare they need. Among them: language and cultural differences, stigma, the cost and scope of insurance.

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A crisis is the perfect time to chart a new course

A crisis is the perfect time to chart a new course. There are many lessons that can be learned from this pandemic, and perhaps most glaring is that it is time to deinstitutionalize our most vulnerable residents.

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RI Continues To Fail Those With Disabilities

I Olmstead v. L.C., the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states have an obligation to ensure that people with disabilities can live, work and receive support services in the least restrictive setting possible.

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The Criminalization Of Mental Illness

This holiday season, many families are missing loved ones who are incarcerated for the crime of having an untreated serious mental illness.

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Mental Health Association Seeks Moratorium on Slater Hospital Discharges

The Mental Health Association of Rhode Island is calling for “an immediate moratorium on disputed patient discharges at Eleanor Slater Hospital,”...


Newport Mental Health Center News Conference

Kim Tracy counted her struggle with Lyme disease, a stretch of homelessness and her recovery at Newport Mental Health as monumental events in her life.