“One piece of that report has to include plans to expand capacity at Eleanor Slater Hospital for people who can avoid jail by getting mental health treatment. Ruth Feder of the Mental Health Association of Rhode Island testified about the importance of these kinds of diversion programs.
“Some of the people don’t belong at all in a punitive setting. The trauma of going through arrest and going through winding up in the ACI for people with mental illness is doubly worse. So a diversion program that truly diverts people before they’re even arrested that is truly the way to go. Give people treatment, not incarceration.”

What’s broken about Rhode Island’s mental health system and what would it take to fix the problems?

Source: The Pulse: Can Legislators Fix What’s Broken With Our Mental Health Care System?


Link to Legislation referenced in article: http://www.rilegislature.gov/Reports/FINAL%20MH%20Report%202017.pdf